Best Abs Workout 

If you're looking for information on the most effective abs work out, then please read on and look here . we bet you're thinking that crunches are the way to go if you want rock hard abs. In actual fact, crunches are one of the worst abs exercises you can perform! In this article, I will show you some of the proven exercises that you will get far better results from, and mention a few other key components.

So what are the best abs work out exercises out there? Certainly not crunches or sit ups! People seem to think that because they can feel a slight burn after doing a certain amount of crunches, that they'll get a great set of abs real quick. This is so wrong! The most important thing about getting visible abs is lowering body fat and burning the fat around your belly.

The reason why crunches are so popular in an abs work out, is because many guys believe that they specifically target your abs, and therefore will really strengthen your abs and therefore burn lots of belly fat away. Well when you exercise, your body burns fat from all over your body, not just one specific area. Crunches aren't very intense and therefore will not burn as much belly fat as other exercises could. You need to be performing compound exercises that don't just work the abs, but work lots more muscles. This will lead to much quicker fat burn, so you'll be able to see you abs sooner with Better Living Fitness!

Here are two proven, and very effective, abs workouts. The pull up is one of my personal favourites. This is a very easy exercise to perform as all you need is something to hoist yourself up with! To perform an effective pull up, just grab onto a bar overhead, and slowly pull yourself up. When you get your chin to the bar, slowly begin to lower yourself back down. Keep doing this until you can no longer perform a good rep. The second exercise is called the front squat. Similar to a normal squat, only this time, you rest the barbell under your neck, holding the barbell with crossed palms. Then perform as you would a normal squat. The reason why the barbell rest under your neck rather than your back is because this will target your abs much more!

Once you have sorted out a good workout routine, there is another very important component to getting a six pack, and that is sorting out what you're eating. Remember earlier I mentioned you need to lower your body fat levels? You must combine a healthy diet with an effective abs work out if you want to see awesome results. Try to cut out the foods that contain high amounts of sugar and fat. If you don't, you'll only harm your chances of seeing your abs!